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We have reviewed the designs for the Synechron Designathon.

A big thank you to all the people that submitted their design. View Winners »
1st Place - One Bank

Onebank is a digital bank that allows it's customers to manage their finance and spending habits through their website and native app. In line with being a Onebank customer, account holders can add their additional accounts from third party banks and monitor their spending.

Onebank allows customers to have an unlimited view of their spending and savings with one simple application.

2nd Place - QBank

Qbank is a new bank focusing on the UK market, making use of big data while simplifying the banking process, allowing customers more control in their banking process. Breaking banking down to its core, Qbank focuses on Accounts, Cards and Loans: the backbone for a digital bank.

It aims to include the complexity of banking systems and technology, with an approachable and trusting front end design.

3rd Place - Bill

Bill is a banking experience that listens to it's users. With a unique brand, Bill Bank looks to make banking a lifestyle choice, rather than an inconvenience.

Bill looks to walk away from the traditional banking conventions and create a pleasurable experience for those who are intimidated by traditional systems and shun the corporate attire.

Honorable Mentions
Judging Criteria

All designs submitted will receive FREE critique and feedback from our experienced UI / UX team. The Top 20 entries will receive a one to one talk with one of our team members to discuss their feedback, meaning you can improve your portfolio and design skills going forward! You will be judged on the following:

  • Execution: How well put together was the designs and brand?
  • Creativity: How did you change the traditional banking experience?
  • Design: How well designed was the end digital bank product?

Due to the high level of submissions we were originally going to be announcing the winners on 14th May 2017 however even with the team working around the clock to get all the scoring done we have to delay our announcement for a few more days. We will email you all when the winners have been announced and thank you again for your patience!

1st prize
2nd prize
3rd prize
  • Create a Logo / Brand For Your Bank
  • Design a Desktop Homepage Design & Mobile App Home Screen. Include any Wireframes / Sketches you have
  • Submit your solo design via email before the 4th May deadline
Still not sure what a digital bank is, or need some inspiration? Have a look at some of our favourite world class digital banks, and maybe yours could be there in the future!